pondělí 10. července 2017

Handmade & Vintage Shops in Prague

Recently I had a nice trip to Prague with the goal to visit many shop with unique fashion.
Vintage fashion shops - I followed the list in magazine Sličná Antonie.
And shops that sells handmade clothing, because I am always curious to see the work of other czech designers.

Now I would like to introduce you the most interesting store from each category!

Vintage fashion store

Studio Vintage
Kubelíkova 45, Praha 3 - Žižkov

A lovely small shop full of vintage fashion (twenties to sixties). When you step inside, it really feels like in a different century! The whole shop has an atmosphere of an old high-class boutique, but the prices are affordable. The owner is charming and nice lady, who knows a lot about vintage fashion. You can feel that she is doing her job with love.

They have a lot of clothes for sale (and very interesting pieces for affordable prices) but they have also a huge variety of clothes for loan - so if you a planning to go to stylized event and need a beautiful dress for just one night, I can deffinitely recommend this shop. 

Handmade fashion store

CVRK design
Václavské náměstí 785/28, Praha 1

They have more stores in Prague, but I liked the store on Václavské náměstí the most. They sell a lot of different indie brands, many different styles. Each brand has a section with their products. It feels really exiting to go through the shop, because each section is totally different! They sell clothes as well as accessories.

The designers in CVRK I liked the most:

Vitalia Art
Handmade botanical jewelry and accessories.

Jewelry and fashion accessories in any historical style.

Computer and Steampunk jewellry.

pátek 10. března 2017

February 2017

February was very short month... it was over so soon!
And I had my birthday in February! :)

neděle 26. února 2017

OTTeaparty (2017 / 02)

My outfit for a valentine tea party 11.2.2017 in Olomouc.

Headpiece: Innocent World
White dress: Innocent World
Orange dress: offbrand (second-hand store find!)

Photos by Michal Pospíšil. Thank you! :)