pátek 10. března 2017

February 2017

February was very short month... it was over so soon!
And I had my birthday in February! :)

neděle 26. února 2017

OTTeaparty (2017 / 02)

My outfit for a valentine tea party 11.2.2017 in Olomouc.

Headpiece: Innocent World
White dress: Innocent World
Orange dress: offbrand (second-hand store find!)

Photos by Michal Pospíšil. Thank you! :)

pondělí 20. února 2017

Our wedding (2016)

We had our wedding in Velehrad,

We decided to have our wedding at a place,
which significance by far exceeds our short human lifes.

pátek 10. února 2017

January 2017

January was cold and full of snow.
It was the month of "closing the circle" and new beginnings.

pondělí 2. ledna 2017

Review of year 2016

Year 2016 brought lot of fantastic memories <3 
And lot of life changes as well...

This one will be a very, very long post with many photos, so look under the cut (^_-)